Abu Dhabi

Throughout the year we provide our students the opportunity to participate in our Fun Filled, Action Packed Holiday Camps.

  • We Partner with professional Dubai based specialists that has years of experience ensuring that our children has a quality time.

  • We deliver planned, structured daily activities, which involves learning through having Fun inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Each Camp 

What happens at camp ?
Outside the Classroom !
  • Martial Arts.

  • Performing Arts Classes

  • Football.

  • Swimming.

  • Tennis.

  • Gymnastics. 

  • Games and Free play.

Inside the classroom !

  • Arts and Crafts.

  • Kids Cooking classes.  

  • Smoothie making classes with our very own Nutritional specialist.

  • Quiet time for the children before being collected.

  • Messy hour.

Venues Include:
Raha International  School
Abu Dhabi.
Greenfield Community School
Gems Metropole School.
Motor City.
North London Collegiate School.

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